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max series

Out to redefine the industry, this series of sub and mid-compact tractors offer ultimate versatility and plenty of power for home and municipal projects.

emax series

The eMax series is one of the most versatile sub-compart tractor on the market, offering dynamic and powerful performance in small-scale models. 

1600 series

A compact line of tractors built for landscapers, ranchers, and others who need to lift larger loads with a small footprint.

2600 series

Economical and easy to operate these 4WD machines make quick work of general farming, livestock operations, and grounds maintenance.

4500 series

Rugged, high-powered workhorses built for medium-duty jobs across specialty farming, material handling, grounds maintenance, and general rural lifestyle.

5100 series

Brand new series, easily operated by first time users but built heavy duty to tackle the harshest environments. 

Ultimately, this commercial-grade utility tractor is in a class all by itself. 

6000 series

More power, performance, and value. No DEF, no diesel particulate filter & no need to regenerate these tractors! Built for comfort and ease of use for your farming needs. 

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